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Agile Uploader

Version 3 released!

Save bandwidth and take the hassle out of getting images down to size for web use. Agile Uploader will let you resize images before uploading to your server using Flash. This is 100% free to use as you see fit (commercially or non-commercially; BSD license), but donations are always appreciated of course. So is feedback. You can also now get the source on Github.


All Version 3 Demos
There are two basic looks that come with Agile Uploader. The multiple file upload that you see above (customizeable via CSS) and the single file upload. Look at the demos to see an example.


Click to download current version 3.0


  • Ability to attach and upload multiple files of any type.
  • True asynchronous image resize and encoding.
  • Companion jQuery plugin to make it easier to use right away.
  • Preview image sent back to the page from Flash.
    (not compatible with IE6 or IE7)
  • Ability to customize the entire look of the uploader.
  • Client side image resize before upload to the server.
  • Enhanced JPG encoding so images look good (with quality setting).
  • Gathers other form data from the page and posts with image.
  • Good compatibility; currently tested on IE7, IE8, FF, Chrome, and Safari.


Coming soon...
Agile Uploader 2.x documention.

More About this Project

Agile Uploader is a project that I started as a necessity for myself, I have a project where I am doing the hosting and I needed to save on bandwidth costs (potentially) and I also wanted the user experience to be easy. This is where resizing the image on the client side before uploading comes into play

I wanted to design something that looked familiar and just worked for the user. I didn't want to scare them from the upload controls and I didn't want them to grant permission (like various Java tools that resize will do). I wanted the visitor to be able to just browse for a file even if it was directly off a camera's memory card (granted it was JPG format which most point and shoots are now).

Finally, I wanted the design integration (back-end and front-end) to be flexible and fit into any site design. Most Flash upload tools you see are large and have a big box area with all the files that have been attached (I have a better solution for this when I implement multiple file handling). They also have the submit button within the Flash area so it's not intuitive and it dictates design.

Project Update:Version 3 has been completed and there are a bit of changes...Enough not to call this another 2.x release. The JavaScript callbacks are no more. Instead, there's more of an "event" system. This leaves you to define one event handler function should you like to build your own JavaScript to work with Agile Uploader. You can of course use the provided jQuery plugin if you are happy with the look of the uploader (or wish to make some CSS adjustments) and in that case you probably won't even notice the new differences all too much. What you will notice though, is the ability to select multiple files at the same time now rather than having to choose one at a time! Yes, I know, a long awaited feature. The new Agile Uploader is much easier to work. I think pretty much all of the bugs mentioned over the past months have been fixed; please leave comments if not. So there you have it, your comments and donation dollars at work. =) Thank you all for the support.

Fun Fact: The single file version also works with Android (only tested with 2.2).

Also Note: There is no security exploit with this version or any version of Agile Uploader. Though, please do be careful with any back-end script that processes files, but please also understand that I can't support or protect against any back-end script's security issues that you may be using.